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Every single person who reblogs this will get the name of the Magcon boy (present or past) whom I ship them with, a brief oneshot about them and their boy, and a preference of something about him (what he calls you, how he kisses you, etc.) in their inbox.  

I’m dead serious.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  PERSON.


I’m so glad im not blind


People CHANGE.
golden-sparkling-lace: Can I PLZ have an imagine where all of the guys form Magcon go into a hunted house or something like that and I get trapped in a room bc of a gosht and Matt is like freaking out trying to get me out ya ik that is a weird request sorry btw my name Morgan thx


It’s not a weird request! I’m actually really excited to write this one!! And no problem, I love writing imagines in my free time, since I’m actually at school where there is wifi!

You and your boyfriend Matt and the other Magcon guys and their girlfriends decided to go to a haunted house, since Halloween was coming up soon. You guys had to take a few different cars to fit everyone in. You and Matt were in the back of Nash’s car. You had your head leaning against his shoulder because you were kind of tired because it was quite a drive to the haunted house. 

Finally you guys got there! You guys all get out and the guys go and pay to get in while you girls wait for them to get back. “So are you guys ready for this?!” You ask the other girls. 

"No! I hate haunted mansions!" Kara, Cameron’s girlfriend says. 

"Aww don’t worry babe, I’ll protect you" Cameron says as he walks up and then wraps his arms around her waist. 

"Ok guys, let’s go!" Matt screams and grabs your hand and starts walking into the haunted house. 

You guys are part way through it and you and Matt are kind of behind the group a little bit. Then at one point most of the guys are ahead and all you girls are trying to keep up with them. At one point you were in a room by yourself and you were just getting ready to walk out the door when the door just shuts in your face. 

You jump back and scream, because it freaks you out. You go to open the door and you can’t open it. You bang on the door and start screaming louder and louder. All the sudden you hear all the others come running back looking for you. You scream more and then you hear Matt yelling your name. 

"Morgan!! Where are you??" he yells. 

"I’m right here!" you yell back and start pounding on the door again. 

"Why don’t you just open the door?" he asks. 

"It won’t open! Please help me! I’m scared!" you say. 

The guys try to open it from the outside and it still won’t budge. Matt starts freaking out. He starts pacing down the hall and talking about not getting you out and what he’s going to do if you don’t make it out. Nash tries to calm him down while the other guys try to figure out how to get the door opened. 

They all tell you to stand back and that they were going to try to bust open the door. That doesn’t really work, so then Matt really starts freaking out, like even worse than before. Finally Aaron decides to go see if he can find an employee to help get the door open. About half an hour goes by and Aaron finally comes back with a couple employees. They have some tools with them. 

First they try to just open it and it won’t. At this point you were sitting on the floor crying because you didn’t think you would get out. Since the door didn’t open the employees get their tools out and start taking the door down. They finally get it off its hinges and pull the door away. Matt goes running in and sees you on the floor crying. He right away sits down next to you and holds you tight. 

"I’m so glad you’re ok Morgan! I thought we weren’t going to get you out of there!" he says. 

You just keep crying trying to calm down. “Can we just go now, please?” you ask him and everyone collectively says yes. 

Matt helps you up and you guys head back to the car. You and Matt climb into the back of Nash’s car and you cuddle up next to him and he wraps his arms around you. The rest of that night he doesn’t let you go. 

Here you go Morgan! I hope you like it! 

First Date


There you sat, on your bed, looking at your hair dryer, procrastinating, you still couldn’t believe HE asked you on a date, your phone buzzed which snapped you out of your day dream, it was from Matt, you, instantly started grinning “can’t wait for tonight babe, see you at 7:30😍😘” you were smiling…



They are so weird😂

(From Matts snapchat story)