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ღPendery's Princessღ
• ColeIM5 is actually my name •
I sometime question myself why I am a Cole girl lol
Break Up - Preference #6


**I haven’t written a break up preference before so lemme know what you guys think :)
ps I used Gabe’s girlfriend’s name as his ex’s name in the preference because it looked better than G/E/N (Gabe’s Ex’s Name) lol**

“Can we talk about this?”
You could hear your boyfriend’s voice…


I kind of really hate Cassidy. She is so lucky to have Cole and acting. She gets to be with an amazing, wonderful, funny, sweet, awesome guy who she loves, and do the thing she loves. Kind of hate her. 

I ship you with this dork Cole!

LA Meet & Greet 10.18.2014
I’ll post meet & greet experience sometime this week because I know that I just have to write about it and I’ll be posting pictures from the meet & greet throughout the week! 


I have an obsession with Will’s smile 😍


so… the guys can draw as well…